About Us

Located on the brick streets of historic downtown Nacogdoches, The Liberty Bell is a wine bar carrying a wide variety of wines from all over the world.  Fresh tapas ("small plates") and appetizers, entrees and desserts are offered as well as brunch on Saturdays.  Additionally, craft beers and liquors are available for the non-wine drinker or a change of pace.  Live music and other forms of art and entertainment are provided regularly.

Like Nacogdoches, The Liberty Bell is charming and easy.  Friendly and warm, with an environment for conversation or celebration, locals and tourists find it welcoming.  Helpful staff guide guests through the wines of the world or can recommend a new craft beer or favorite brunch item.  

Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas and the hospitality at The Liberty Bell includes pride in our history and community.  Historic downtown has many antique shops, boutiques, day spas, and parks and walking trails.  Historical landmarks and monuments are easily found and our Convention and Visitors Bureau is located right down the street at the Visitors Center.  We invite out of town guests to come early and take a stroll and experience the warmth of Nacogdoches folk as well as the richness of the history.  Locals are invited to do the same, rekindling a love for our uniqueness and seeing neighbors along the way.
 How We Got Our Name and Other Answers

So how did The Liberty Bell get it's name?  
The Liberty Bell "has a nice ring to it," or "resonates well" are some of the punny responses you may receive to this question.  Actually, Kati wanted a name that would resonate with tourists and lend a historic feel, but is not too local.  Future plans may include opening other wine bars in historic downtowns, so the name needed to be more universal.  Kati and her partner, John, love American history.  When the name struck Kati, they were certain it was the right one.  Of course, the actual Liberty Bell of American history is located in Philadelphia, however, it's inscription is most definitely universal American:  "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." The inscription is a portion of Leviticus 25:10.  There are ties to the Philadelphia Liberty Bell right here in Nacogdoches.  The Old University Building, known as "the mother of education in Texas," also has a bell tower and bell.  Located just a couple of blocks from The Liberty Bell in historic downtown Nacogdoches, the bell at the Old University Building was from the same foundry as Philadelphia's Liberty Bell.

Who is welcome at The Liberty Bell?  Groups, age restrictions?
Groups are welcome at The Liberty Bell.  If you have a group that meets regularly and needs a lunch spot, or have an after hours gathering, contact us to work out group details.  The Liberty Bell staff will insure your meeting is sucessful.  Wedding parties - call us for your bridal lunch or rehersal dinner.  Tourists may come to The Liberty Bell as their first stop in Nacogdoches, and the Harris' take the responsibility of being the Welcoming Committee very seriously.  We simply encourage large groups to call ahead and to check our schedule of events - some events require advance ticket purchase.  All patrons of The Liberty Bell need to be at least 18 years of age unless accompanied by a guardian - The Liberty Bell is a bar and has a mature environment.

What happens on a "show night?"
The Liberty Bell often has live entertainment and some shows require advance ticket purchases.  For these events, seats are reserved for advance ticket holders and those who wish to purchase tickets the night of the show, if available, can add them to their tab or pay at the door. For sold out shows, every seat is used.  It is recommended that groups either purchase tickets all together or if purchased separately, call ahead so seating can be reserved.  If you don't come with friends, you may make new ones at your table!  If the show is not sold out, tickets will remain for sale until show time.  Call or email us with any questions.

How does my band get to perform here?  What other types of entertainment and events?
Booking inquires can be sent through our contact form.  The Liberty Bell has wine tasting events, community charity events, and other types of entertainment such as comedians, speakers, and other artists.  
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