The Liberty Bell has received some great press!  

Texas Monthly liked us!
The Houston Chronicle gives us a good mention - an interview with owner Grant Harris regarding Clint Dempsey.  "The man and the town that built US Soccer Star Clint Dempsey."
KTRE News:  "Nacogdoches' Liberty Bell is wine bar, pub, and live music venue"
The Daily Sentinel:  "One of It's Kind" (you now must have an online subscription to the paper to read this)
Our menu has made some international headlines, specifically, The Dempsey FC:  Major League Soccer  and   Stars and Stripes
SFASYou:  "Local Pub With Austin Feel"
The Daily Sentinel:  "Serving Success" (Online subscription is now required)
KTRE News:  "Nacogdoches Residents Proud to Call Clint Dempsey Their Own"